One thought on “The trouble with Gaza repairs”

  1. He said the success of repairs to Gaza requires that Israel open the borders to the free flow of materials required for the project – and he’s right.
    There are some things that need clarification:
    The Borders between Israel and Gaza are NOT CLOSED – but theses borders are strictly checked and defended by IDF.
    Israel left Gaza in 2005, so all that occurs there is done by the Gazan regime.
    Israel sends truckloads of supplies to Gaza through the Erez Crossing: humanitarian supplies such as medicine and medical equipment food; and construction material. All the cost is paid by the Israeli tax payers.
    Israel Hospitals receive persons from Gaza, as well as other Islamic countries even those that don’t recognized Israel. Often children receive medical treatment, especially heart surgery and treatment, in the program called Open Borders.
    Since 2005 Gaza fired rockets,and mortars, and missiles into southern Israel. But Last summer they started launching missiles into every town and city. The Israelis had only a few seconds to about 90 seconds to get into a shelter after the sirens were sounded.
    My wife and I visiting my son and his family when the first missile was launched. It was in the middle of the night and he woke us up when the siren sounded and he, his wife, and 3 children, my wife and I crowded into the small shelter, anxiously awaiting … heard the loud boom of the iron dome launch its anti-missile missile, again waiting and listening on the radio for the results, and the all clear siren. This we experienced many times. One time my wife and I were sitting on our balcony in Modiin, and she saw a very bright light moving in the sky, she asked what it was, my reaction was an order “get into our shelter.” The siren went off as we shut the steel door of the shelter – again heard the boom of the dome- and waited for the all clear.
    Our greatest worry was for our children and grandchildren. Missiles often were fired every a few times a day when children were at school, and persons were at work. Sometimes they were fire in 15 minute intervals. Those in the fields and outside had no time to reach shelters. Children and mothers were asked to play near shelters.
    In conclusion Israel is still being threatened with total annihilation, groups are organizing boycotts (based on pure fantasies). When it comes to Israel You are “Damned if you do and Damned if you Don’t! But Israel is still a wonderful place to live, a vibrant democratic country.

    Keep well
    Keep smiling
    Joe Ziv
    Born in Winnipeg
    Grew up in Vancouver

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