What and who is the Jewish Independent?
How can I reach the Jewish Independent?
When is the paper published?
How do I get the paper delivered to me?
Where can I pick up a copy of the paper?
How do I get my news into the paper?
If I send in a press release am I guaranteed an article?
When should I write a letter to the editor?
How do I submit an obituary for publication in the paper?
How do I place an unveiling announcement in the paper?
How do I purchase an ad in the Independent?
How do I send a camera ready ad to the Independent?
What are the 2023/24 issue dates & themes, & editorial & ad deadlines?

What and who is the Jewish Independent?

The multiple-award-winning Jewish Independent newspaper is one of Vancouver’s oldest and most respected Jewish community institutions. Established in 1930, we provide a place for the entire community, regardless of affiliation, politics, gender, orientation, ability, denomination or age, to find out what their Jewish community has to offer. We carry articles on an incredibly diverse range of topics, from the next seniors home tea to the next beat box concert, from interviews with the transgendered artist to the Chabadnik, from financial planning advice to home renovation ideas, from book and movie reviews to commentary on issues related to Judaism and living a Jewish life.

Since June 1999, the Jewish Independent – formerly the Jewish Western Bulletin – has been owned and operated by Western Sky Communications Ltd., which also provides a diverse range of writing, editing, public relations and distribution services.

How can I reach the Jewish Independent?

To help support the Jewish Independent, for a paper or electronic subscription, and for any inquiries concerning the services offered by Western Sky, email owner/publisher Cynthia Ramsay, [email protected].

With story or Community Calendar ideas, email Cynthia Ramsay, [email protected].

To advertise, contact Steve Freedman ([email protected]).

We can also be reached by mail at PO Box 47100 RPO City Square, Vancouver, B.C., V5Z 4L6. (Please note: Couriers are not able to deliver packages to a post office box, so please send all packages, such as review copies of books, by snail mail.)

Our phone number is 604-689-1520.

When is the paper published?

The newspaper is published twice a month, with the exception of some longer breaks in summer (July/August), during the winter holiday season (December/January) and when months have five Fridays.

How do I get the paper delivered to me?

It costs $78/year to have the Jewish Independent mailed to anywhere in Canada; $136/year for U.S. addresses; and $216/year to subscribers outside North America. If you’d like to have the paper emailed to you, the costs is $36/year. To subscribe to the Jewish Independent, click here.

Where can I pick up a copy of the paper?

The Independent has several depots from which you can pick up a copy of the paper for free, but we can’t promise there will be one left when you get there! If you want to make sure you get the paper every time it’s published, please subscribe. Otherwise, please try one of the following locations to grab your free copy:

Solly’s Central, 368 7th Ave. W.
Solly’s in Kits, 2873 West Broadway
The Kollel, 1965 West Broadway, Vancouver
Solly’s Up Main, 4071 Main St.
Cavell Gardens, 2835 Sophia St. – restricted access b/c COVID-19
Kosher Food Warehouse, 612 Kingsway
Max’s Deli, 3105 Oak St. (at 15th)
Congregation Beth Hamidrash, 3231 Heather St.
Schara Tzedeck Synagogue, 3476 Oak St.
Sabra Bakery, 3844 Oak St.
Legacy Senior Living, 611 West 41st Ave. – restricted access
JCC front area, 950 West 41st Ave. (at Oak)
Louis Brier Home and Hospital, 1055 West 41st Ave. (at Oak) – restricted access
Weinberg Residence, 5650 Osler St. – restricted access
Omnitsky’s Kosher Deli, 5775 Oak St.
Peretz Centre, 6184 Ash St.
Dunbar Theatre, 4555 Dunbar St.
Hillel House, UBC, 6145 Student Union Mall
Garden City Bakery, 9100 Blundell Rd. in Richmond
New Westminster Public Library, 716 6th Ave., in New West

How do I get my news into the paper?

Since we don’t have a large enough staff to have eyes and ears in every part of the community at all times, we suggest you either give us a call at 604-689-1520 or e-mail the acting editor, Cynthia Ramsay, at [email protected]. Make sure you provide us with all of the important information (organizer, date/time/location/contact number for the public), particularly the relevance of the event to the Jewish community. If you send us a fax, follow it up with a phone call. We get dozens of press releases each day and following up is always useful. It lets us know that the news/event is important to you.

If I send in a press release am I guaranteed an article?

Unfortunately, we are limited in how much space we have for editorial content each issue because the size of the paper is limited. Sometimes special sections or more local community events means a bit less space for certain articles. This means that we are often left making difficult decisions about what will be published and when. We cannot guarantee that anyone’s news or event will be published.

When should I write a letter to the editor?

Any time you have an opinion about an article, editorial, column or you if just have some thoughts on an issue of importance to the Jewish community, write to us. We encourage all of our readers to express their thoughts and opinions with a letter to the editor, as long as they are appropriate for a family publication. Once you send us a letter, we will contact the writer to ensure the letter is genuine and is for the purpose of publishing, not just sent for general information. Letters are edited for clarity and sometimes for length. We try to publish every letter submitted to us.

How do I submit an obituary for publication in the paper?

E-mail the text you wish to have published, as well as the photograph, if any, that you wish to include in the obituary, to [email protected], along with your contact information (e-mail and phone). The editor will conduct a word count, with the cost being $75 per 100 words or portion thereof (plus GST). Prepayment by Visa or Mastercard is required for obituaries – you can call the office (604-689-1520) regarding payment, or someone from the office can call you at the number provided in your e-mail. (We do not recommend sending credit card information by e-mail.) The deadline for booking space is nine days prior to the publication date, therefore, the editor needs to receive the text (and photo, if any) by the Wednesday of the previous week. For the publication schedule, see below.

How do I place an unveiling announcement in the paper?

Call the JI office at 604-689-1520 or e-mail [email protected]. Steve, or someone else from the office, will ask you for the following information to be included in the announcement: name of the person for whom the headstone is being unveiled, the name of the cemetery at which the headstone is being placed, the date and time of the unveiling, and the name of the rabbi, cantor or other person officiating the ceremony (if this information is known). The cost of placing an unveiling is $84 (includes GST) for one time, and $147 (includes GST) for two times. We recommend that you place an unveiling announcement in an issue published at least one week prior to the unveiling, and the deadline for booking space is eight days prior to the publication date, which means that an unveiling should be booked a good four to five weeks in advance.

How do I purchase an ad in the Independent?

There are two types of ads you can purchase: display or classified advertising. For either, call the main number, 604-689-1520, or email Steve Freedman, [email protected]. Purchasing display advertising in the newspaper may also entitle you to advertising space on the Independent‘s website. For a copy of our rate card, click here.

How do I send a camera ready ad to the Independent?

All ad material is due at the Independent by the Monday preceding the ad’s publication date, unless it is for a special issue (see editorial and ad deadlines below). We we work on Macintosh computers and can receive the material on a CD or by e-mail. If sending by e-mail, put it to the attention of your Independent sales contact and include your company name in the e-mail subject line, then send to [email protected]. Include all fonts, pictures, logos/scans with your ad; make sure the ad is designed to the correct size; 85 line screen. The ad can be designed in QuarkXPress 3.31 or 4.0; Illustrator 7.0 or 9.0; Photoshop 5.5 or 6.0 (saved in psd, tiff, pict or jpeg formats); and Adobe Acrobat pdf. Color ads must already be color separated.

What are the editorial and ad deadlines?

We publish an issue twice a month. The deadline for booking an ad is generally eight days prior to the desired publication date, and the editorial deadline is nine days prior; early deadlines are noted. In 2023/24, our issues are:




Editorial e-mail:
[email protected]

Advertising e-mail:
[email protected]

Issue Date

Advertising Deadline:
Thursdays, 1 p.m.
* Denotes an early deadline
(in all cases, the editorial deadline is the day prior to that listed below)

Special sections or issues
(A dash indicates that no paper is published that week.)
Nov. 3, 2023
Nov. 10, 2023
Nov. 2
Nov. 17, 2023
Nov. 24, 2023
Nov. 16
Gift Guide / Milestones
Dec. 1, 2023 Nov. 21* Chanukah / Gift Guide
Dec. 8, 2023
Dec. 15, 2023 Dec. 7 Camp Guide #1 / Milestones
Dec. 22, 2023
Dec. 29, 2023
Jan. 5, 2024
Jan. 12, 2024
Jan. 4, 2024
Camp Guide #2
Jan. 19, 2024
Jan. 26, 2024
Jan. 18, 2024
Business Thank You / Milestones
Feb. 2
Feb. 9
Feb. 1
  Finance & Law
Feb. 16
Feb. 23
 Feb. 14*
Generations / Milestones
March 1
March 8
Feb. 29
Home & Garden / Style
March 15
March 22
March 14
March 29
April 5
April 12
April 2*
April 19
April 26
April 18
Israel’s 76th Birthday / Milestones
May 3
May 10
May 2
Health & Wellness
May 17
May 24
May 14*
May 31
June 7
June 14
June 6 Summer Celebration
June 21
June 28
 June 20
Canada Day / Milestones
July 5
July 12
July 4
Food & Drink
July 19
July 26
July 13
B.C. Day / Milestones
Aug. 2
Aug. 9
Aug. 16
Aug. 23
Aug. 15
Back-to-School / Milestones
Aug. 30
Sept. 6
Sept. 13
Sept. 5
Pre-Rosh Hashanah
Sept. 20
Sept. 10*
Rosh Hashanah / Milestones
Sept. 27
Oct. 4
Oct. 11
Oct. 2* Entertainment
Oct. 18
Oct. 25
Oct. 16*
Finance & Law / Milestones
Nov. 1
Nov. 8
Oct. 31
Nov. 15
Nov. 22
Nov. 29
Nov. 21
Gift Guide / Milestones
Dec. 6
Dec. 13 Dec. 3* Chanukah / Gift Guide
Dec. 20 Dec. 12 Camp Guide #1 / Milestones
Dec. 27
Jan. 3, 2025
Jan. 10, 2025
Jan. 17, 2025
Jan. 9, 2025
Camp Guide #2
Jan. 24, 2025
Jan. 31, 2025
Jan. 23, 2025
Business Thank You / Milestones