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For 93 years, the Jewish Independent, formerly the Jewish Western Bulletin, has been reporting on news, events and milestones that matter to the Jewish community in British Columbia.

We publish twice a month, and each issue brings the community together and adds to our collective historical record. We do this with very few staff and a small budget, consistently putting out a multiple-award-winning publication that takes great pride in promoting the achievements of its readers and contributors.

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Your donation will allow us to keep producing an award-winning publication that is committed to building a vibrant, growing Jewish community by connecting members from across the religious and political spectrums – something no other organization can do. To continue this unique and important service, we need your help.

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The Jewish Independent and its predecessor comprise a vital part of the community’s archive, providing the only consistent – and the most comprehensive – record of the community since 1930. For today’s news to become tomorrow’s documented history, we need your help.

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