One thought on “רובטר פיסק בוונקובר חלק שני”

  1. The readers of your paper should be aware of Robert Fisk’s background and political leanings. It is unfortunate that his one side approach and bias come in the the way of his credibility.

    Furthermore I don’t like him coming to Canada and then tell the Canadians how to vote.

    I think that with the world wide spread of extreme Muslim terrorists Canada should see how the Prime Minister of England has decided how to confront the problem.

    Finally the Israeli Jews and Arabs are facing a new wave of terrorist activities, by a small number of Muslim extremists: shooting, stabbings, boulder throwing, as well as throwing Molotov cocktails at innocent citizens. The Israeli police and citizens will not put up with this anymore than would Canadian law officers. After the Holocaust, and the Israeli wars for survival, Israelis have learnt from hard and long bitter experience of fighting for survival. It has cost them over 27,000 lives and many more wounded. It is a tiny country smaller than Vancouver Island.

    In short Robert Fisk should not be allowed to peddle his propaganda and hatred in a Jewish newspaper.

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