One thought on “CIJA-UJA host Toronto mayoral debate”

  1. I watched the debate on TV of Oct. 10, 2014 and I thought one Doug Ford was wrong for trying to have this man (Ari Goldkind) removed from being at the debate and stepping down over the issue that he was reinstated. And didn’t show because he was and the fact John Tory stood up and supported Mr. Goldkind.

    I myself as a citizen of North York felt the man did a wonderful job and was a great speaker and a man to the point and had a head on his shoulder and knew how to come across to the people.

    I can’t understand why he is not invited to the CTV mayoral on I believe Oct.20, 2014 and why not. Because Doug Ford said he can’t.

    With him being of Jewish descent I can’t understand why the Jewish community will not stand up for the rights of this man and have him face off with the other three at the debate. If I knew how to do this I would even if I had to go door to door.

    I though we lived in a free country and had the freedom of speech.

    I can’t understand why Doug Ford has so much control over all this. And what a fake this man is.

    I just read two stories on Doug Ford, one being about the house for autism that was going to be or is in Ford nation and how he was against it and made the statement that he would buy the house just so it wouldn’t be put in his nation to bring his housing value down. I believe down off over brook we have a house in our neighbor and no one is kicking up a fuss. And second he boasts about how well he would be to city hall and referred to his business he is running and the article in the Globe and Mail Under the Heading: Doug Ford at Deco: the true story, read it.

    Some asked him in an interview was he a bully , reading the article I realized at the interview he lied as he is a bully and a Laird like his brother was and he will bring down our community and our city like his brother did.

    Are we as citizen going to allow this man Keep Ari Goldkind out of the Mayoral Debate on Oct 20 at CTV News or are we going to sit back and let Doug Ford Bully our city?

    Also for the record last night was the first time I heard the man speak or even knew who he was. But felt he was clear to his points when question. Let’s stand up and have him there.

    Thank you for reading.

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