One thought on “Hoping to run for NDP”

  1. Hi Mira

    You stated, ” I am proud to run for a political party that supports the state of Israel and, importantly, is working towards a two-state solution.”

    OK, the real questions not asked is How? With Whom? and Where will the borders be?

    The area of Israel is about 8500 square miles, The population in 2014 was about 8,239,000 of which 75% was Jewish and 21% Arab. Compare this to Vancouver Island whose area is about 12,080 square miles. Vancouver Island has an Indigenous population of about 28,0000.

    It takes about 7 hours to drive from Israel’s northern border to the southern border on the Red Sea. Look at the narrowest border to the West Bank if one drives from Netanya on the Seacoast to Tulkarem. In the West Bank, it takes about 20 minutes. No need to mention that mortars are still being fired into Israel from Gaza and also into Israel’s north.

    Your party “supports Israel.” Then how do you explain the statements made by Jim Manly and Alexa McDonaugh or the East Vancouver’s Libby Davies who supports the boycotts and sanctions campaigns against Israel?

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