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  1. A very written and informative article. UBC students, on both sides had very low participation rates. From my personal observations, it’s the same case with Anglicans. Of my 20 to 30 friends and family that are Anglicans, all in and around Vancouver, not a single one had and knowledge of the sabeel hate-fest. Once I told them about it, and the topics and bio’s of some of the speakers, all of them were horrified…. horrified enough to consider attending as protesters.

  2. Campus, church extremism
    Your editorial board appears to be in denial. The danger with your arguments are your inability to recognized and acknowledge what is going on here. I for instance, along with my family and many friends are fully behind the BDS movement. And now for the kicker, we are Jewish, and certainly not supporters of a state that abuses another group such as the State of Israel does Palestinians. If you are a zionist, then the rascist activities of the Sate of Israel are par for the course. However, if you are a Jew of Conscience, then you have no alternative other than to support BDS.

    You may also take note that McMaster University failed to pass a similar motion in 2014 over a technicality, but was back in 2015 and passed the BDS motion with an overwhelming majority. The supporters of Israeli’s human rights abuses were minimal and I believe that it is because it has become harder and harder to support the immoral entity that Israel has become.

  3. If the Jews cannot build a Jewish majority through immigration and ordinary natural means, then there should not be such a thing as a Jewish state. As it is, Israel attempts to synthetically create such an abiding majority through exclusivity, racism, discrimination, war and death, meted out to non-Jews. These actions cannot be condone. The ends do not justify the means.

    The fact that they cannot produce a majority may be the source of the failure of Zionism in the end. It may also explain why such entities did not exist very long in the ancient world.

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