One thought on “Anatevka brought to Abbotsford”

  1. I saw the play first in Buenos Aires as a teenager, over 4 decades ago. A peculiar aspect of that production was that at the end, when everybody is saying good bye and departing to distant lands, in that production, instead of New York and Chicago, someone went to Buenos Aires, “to live with a relative who cannot stand”, while another went to colonize the Pampas, as my ancestors did at the end or the 19th century. They adapted the script to the local audience and give it a connection with the present. In this production, all went to the US, except for the matchmaker who went to Palestine. Wouldn’t be nice in a future production to add a Canadian touch? Instead of Buenos Aires, or Chicago, or New York, we could easily mention Winnipeg or Montreal, and there is no lack of Jewish settlements in the Prairies that we could celebrate and remember, like New Jerusalem, Wapella, Hirsch Colony, Edenbridge, etc. All in all, we enjoyed the evening very much, very emotive at times.

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