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  1. Half truths are always dangerous especially when one uses it for political
    propaganda. Prior to the Independence war the Jewish civilians were attacked everywhere. Including those driving along the roads by the 3 Arab villages in Canada
    Park. an estimated 2500 Jewish civilians, including children were victims .
    The JNF has carried out many great projects over the years, swamp drainage, planting tree, land reclamation, bringing water to many arid regions, including those Arab villages.
    I don’t have to stress that war is an ugly affair and persons die. But I am glad that
    the Zionists won the Battle after being attacked on all fronts. It was the Arabs who did not accept the UN Partition…not the Jews.
    I was born in Winnipeg, grew up in Vancouver, and now live in Modiin, very close to Canada Park. Remember that the Jewish Independent Voices represent only a very few disgruntled Jews in Canada, and so does a “street Rabbi” like Rabbi Mivassair.

  2. Before dawn on June 6, one day after Israel launched the 1967 war,“Three villages in the fertile Latrun Valley [under Jordanian administration in accordance with the 1949 armistice agreement with Israel] that had defied capture in 1948…were totally razed by Israeli bulldozers, their residents scattered without concern for their future. Beit Nuba, Imwas [the latter believed by Christians to be where Jesus first appeared after his resurrection] and Yalu lay just across the frontier on the West Bank, about fifteen miles northwest of Jerusalem, and obstructed a direct route from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. The [10,000 or more] residents had been ordered out…without explanation, given no chance to rescue their possessions except for what they could carry, left to wander without shelter or food or water.” They were never permitted to return. (Donald Neff, Warriors for Jerusalem: The Six Days That Changed the Middle East in 1967, Amana Books Brattleboro, Vermont, 1988, p. 290)

    Even though the inhabitants put up no resistance, the three villages were demolished on the direct orders of Yitzhak Rabin, Chief of Staff of the Israeli army. Several of the villages’ elders who were unable to walk without assistance were killed by falling rubble as Israel’s bulldozers demolished their homes.

    Indigenous Palestinian Arabs, who then made up 69% of the population, rejected the Partition Plan (UNGA Res. 181, Nov. 29/47) for entirely justified reasons based on international law. While Jews made up just 31% of the population (90% were of foreign origin, thousands were illegal immigrants) and privately owned only between 6% and 7% of the land, the Partition Plan (recommendatory only, no legal foundation, contrary to the British Class A Mandate and the 1941 Atlantic Charter, never adopted by the UNSC) outrageously recommended they receive 56% of Palestine, including its most fertile areas. (*10% of Palestine’s Jewish population consisted of native Palestinian/Arab Jews who were vehemently anti-Zionist.)

    In 1947, 48% of the total land area of Palestine was privately owned (‘mulk khaas’) by Palestinian Arabs. (As noted above, total Jewish privately owned land was only between 6% and 7%.) About 45% of the total land area was state owned, i.e. by citizens of Palestine and it was comprised of Communal Property (‘mashaa’), Endowment Property, (‘waqf’), and Government Property, (‘miri’.) Importantly, only 30% of the Jewish immigrants had taken out citizenship. (The British Mandate kept an extensive land registry and the UN used the registry during its early deliberations. It has in its archives 453,000 records of individual Palestinian owners defined by name, location & area.)

  3. To David.
    To base your comment on Donald Neff is to base your comment on a Politically biased person; unfortunately his politics get in the way of his brilliant skill as a writer-Warriors for Jerusalem and Epiphany at Bit Jala. Now to the cold hard facts:
    The Battle for Latrun during the Independence War; The Jordanian Army was stationed at the Fortress at Latrun. They controlled the road going to Jerusalem. In the many failed attempts to removed the Jordanian Army , The Israelis lost many lives and many more were wounded, also among the losses were the young untrained holocaust survivors. They Purpose of controlling this road was to lay siege to Jerusalem, and so they turned a blind eye to the marauders from the Arab villages (you mention that were in Canada Park) who attacked the convoys carrying food and medical supplies.
    It was at this time an alternate narrow road was found, really a wide path, it became known as the BURMA ROAD. The key persons on the project were Shlomo Shamir and The USA General MIckey Marcus. The trucks carrying food, medicine, and persons managed to break the siege.
    Last in sociology on prejudice and discrimination you learn that to cannot change these type of people by presenting the truth or the facts.
    And when it comes to the victims such as Israelis and Jews, they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. In my humble opinion this applies to the likes of you.

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