One thought on “Choosing the side of hope”

  1. Joe Ziv
    July 8, 2015 at 5:29 am

    Some of the terminology used by Mira Sucharov needs to be clarified.

    Such as the words commonly used is “to end the Occupation”. Gaza is not Occupied- Israel left this area in 2005-

    Persons seem to forget that the borders of West Bank , the Golan, were created when the Arab Armies tried to destroy Israel. When these armies were driven back the cease fire lines became the borders.

    When Egypt and Israel signed a peace treaty Israel pulled back. Sadat was assassinated for making peace with Israel.

    Israel still has those wishing to exterminate : such as Iran, Isis, .. Isis is spreading its terror all over the world…

    This past week mortars have been launched into Israel from Gaza and Northern settlements….

    Mira Sucharov should remember that she is residing on and teaching in universities which are on unceded lands, that
    once belonged to the Indigenous Peoples.

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