One thought on “Canadian political support of Israel notable”

  1. I agree with the Editorial Board on this matter. Canada and the other countries that understand the genocidal mission of Hamas must act accordingly. Hamas is the contemporary example on why the international community has been working on covenants to stop genocide. Hamas is impossible to deal with by the democratic world, and is only serving to stall the resolution process between Egypt, Israel and Gaza. I am very pleased with Mr. Estrin’s stand, and his willingness to discuss the issues on the Green Party website. These problems need to be faced head-on, and no one should suggest keeping the problem of terrorism against Israel outside of political discussion.

    cross-post: The western world’s level of shallowness on matters of building world solidarity for justice and equality can be seen clearly in the sabotage that happened to the International Decade for the Culture of Peace and Non Violence for the Children of the World. The major countries voted to not fund and implement this project – that would have enabled everyone to be able to link with the building of the tools for enabling a culture of peace to replace the resort to the culture of war. Instead, these major powers chose to just let it be a typical symbolic year during the year 2000. I am hoping that the Culture of Peace forces can get a lot more communicative in this new internet communications era.

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